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It is Possible to Grow Taller after Puberty | Growth Theory Support

By ayuan On July 22, 2010 Under Grow and Look Taller

It is possible to grow taller.According to scientific human growth research reports, it is possible to grow taller after puberty for genetic or hereditary is not the only factor which pre-determines our height. The growth hormone is also an important effect on the development of the cartilaginous portions of the 62 bones in the lower body and the 24 movable bones constructing the spinal column in the upper body.

Have you known the spinal discs? Do you know the spinal column contributes 35% of our total height? Have you even done some specific stretching exercise?

Aside from the length of the femur bone (thighbone), shinbone, and other bones in lower body, the length of the spinal column in upper body accounts for about 35% of our total height. There are 33 vertebrae in our spinal column, only the lowest 9 (green part and purple part, sacrum and the coccyx, forming the back of the pelvis) are fused into two immovable bones. All of the other 24 vertebrae (7 cervical, 12 thoracic and 5 lumbar) are never fused after puberty, which are permanently movable and can be safely stretched and expanded.

Between vertebrae are intervertebral discs, these cartilaginous pads are soft tissue. There are 24 discs, which consist of about 25% of our total height. Since these discs are non-fusible cartilages, they can constantly grow thicker under the sufficient stimulation (growth hormone and proper stretching exercises). The thicker these discs are, the longer our spinal column is and the taller we become.

Grow Taller Spine ImageWhen we are infants, much of our bones are made up of a flexible substance called cartilage. Most people can easily grow 12-15 inches (30-37.5cm) during the age 0-1. As we grow older, much of this cartilage fuses into solid bone. When we hit puberty, growth plates at the ends of our longer bones lengthen gradually, we can grow 3-4 inches (7.5-10cm) per year. And we can hardly grow 1-2 inches per year after puberty.

Regular stretching exercise makes it possible to grow taller by expanding the discs and lengthening the spine even after the growth plates are fused, we can still grow about 2.4 inches (6 cm) taller if each disc grows only 0.1 inch (0.25 cm) thicker.

The Grow Taller 4 Idiots ebook will exactly show you how to do the correct stretching exercises, which are designed to move the spine through its full range of motion so that blood circulation and fluid content of the discs are increased.

Therefore, even you have already passed your puberty. It is still possible to grow taller by following the Grow Taller 4 Idiots Exercise System.

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