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6 Tips to Look Handsome

By ayuan On July 7, 2010 Under Miscellaneous

You should always take care of yourself properly–show your natural beauty!

1. Look after your skin

Fight to no acne;

Get rid of ugly moles and warts;

Wash face and body according to your skin type: dry/sensitive, normal, oily or combination;

Use Facial moisturizer to make your face silky smooth.

Use sunscreen every day, even if it is cloudy or rainy outside. 

2. Take care of your hair

Choose right shampoo to clean your hair;

Use proper conditioner to leave your hair smooth, shiny and healthy;

Have a good haircut;

Keep your hair naturally dry, don’t use too sticky gel.

3. Look after your teeth

Get rid of gum problems, plaque & Cavities; 

Use fitful toothbrush;

Brush and floss your teeth after every meal;

Keep out of bad breath;

4. Pay attention to your body

Exercise to be in good shape;

Have good posture;

Not satisfied with your height, check grow and look taller.

5. Dress appropriately

Choose right clothes with right color;

Match accessories with clothes.

If you are short and worried about this, you can wear height increasing shoes.

6. Look confident and comfortable

Smile whenever you can;

Be yourself.

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